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8v8 Modified League Rules

Standard IFAB Laws of the Game are followed with some exceptions:

Law 1 – Field of Play

  • Matches will be played cross-field marked with lines on the field or temporary markers/cones on a field similar or identical to those used for Mod U11/12 matches with smaller goals used for same.

Law 3 – Number of Players

  • Each team will play with a max of 8 players* and a team must have 5 players to start

Coed: 4 males max (GK gender does not count) teams must have 2 females to start – teams may play with additional females but not additional males.

  • Goal Differential: If a team falls behind by 4 goals an additional player may be added either male/female
  • Substitutions: Are allowed during live-play or at stoppage without referee permission. Substitution area is 10 yards long beginning at the halfway line. The substitute only enters the field of play after the player being replaced has entered the substitution area and left the field of play.

Law 7 – Duration of Match

  • Two 40 minutes halves with a 5-minute halftime which can be shortened based on start time

Law 11 – Offside

  • There is no offside violation on the short-modified field

Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct

  • Slide tackling, creating contact or a dangerous situation with an opponent or teammate while sliding is not permitted and will result in a free kick being awarded to the opponent. Sliding to block a shot, keep a ball in- play, score a goal or intercept a pass is permitted provided that no other player is put in a dangerous position. This is a judgement decision by the referee.
  • A Penalty Kick is awarded for an offense committed within the penalty area that will result in a direct free kick. All Penalty Kicks are taken from the top of the penalty arc with all other players positioned at the halfway line and the keeper on the goal line. Play is live at the referee’s whistle and all players including the goalkeeper may advance toward the shooter. The shooter may dribble the ball, pass in any direction or shoot once the whistle has blown.

Law 13 – Free Kicks

  • All free kicks require the opponents to be at least 8 yards away or retreating to that spot.
  • All free kicks are Indirect except Corner, Kick Off and Penalty Kicks

Law 16 – Goal Kick / Keeper Throw / Punting

  • Goal Kicks and when the keeper has gathered the ball during live play into their hands and throws the ball – neither are allowed to pass midfield without touching the ground or a player first. Result is a Free Kick at midfield for opponent. Punting/Drop Kicks are not allowed. Play is stopped and restarted with a free kick at midfield for the opponent.

Revised/Posted 8.22