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Referees needed! Here’s how YOU can get started!

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Do you love soccer? Want to earn some extra money? Are you maybe a tiny bit frustrated by the refs you see at adult rec games (hahahahaha)? Whatever your reason, we’d like to encourage you to learn the art of refereeing! (really, it is an art, as you all know when you see a good ref, right?)

Also, it would help us out, as WE NEED REFS! (Youth leagues need refs, too, so those of you with kids should encourage your kids to sign up to take the  classes with you). Refs will be especially needed in the fall, when both youth and adult leagues are going strong, so sign up NOW!

Here’s how:
1- Sign up for an intro clinic here  (at the drop-down box, select ‘entry level’)

2- Contact us ( when you get your certification, and we will link you to tournaments and mentoring opportunities to get started. This is where RATS really stands apart from other leagues. We will actively mentor new referees as you learn how to sign up for games through the multiple referee associations, and offer you advice if you want it. We want more and better refs, and will help you become one!

3- Done! That’s it! We can’t promise that you’ll start refereeing adult games right away, but we’ll help you get to that point.

For realz. Just get your certification and then contact us.

Refereeing really is a great thing for those of us who love the game. Refereeing allows you to help others learn the sport, and it also helps you learn the sport better. (Quick! when is a free kick direct or indirect? If you were a ref, you’d know that.)

And for those of us who need ulterior motives, the pay is surprisingly good for a couple of hours work (different leagues pay different rates, so we won’t bother getting all specific, but once you get certified, we’ll help you figure that out, too!), plus you get to pick and choose your own hours. Not many jobs offer THAT, do they? Once you’ve got some confidence and experience in your pocket, you can referee in tournaments (where the big money is).

C’mon, you know you’ve been thinking about it… Put your whistle where your mouth is and sign up now!